Logo of the XI International Gathering of the Teams of Our Lady

The creation of the logo for the XI International Gathering of Equipes Notre-Dame was inspired by the miraculous fishing event at the Paraíba River, in which the statue of Our Lady of Aparecida, Patroness of Brazil, was caught in the fishermen’s net, giving rise to the devotion to the Virgin of Aparecida.

The fishing net with the image of Our Lady of Aparecida above Brasília 2012, the place for the Gathering, invokes the intercession of the Virgin of Aparecida on behalf of all the participants at the meeting.

The cross on the bow of the boat signifies Christ at the head of the Equipes Notre-Dame Movement.

The couple holding hands on the boat symbolizes the experience and reality of married spirituality, a spirituality embodied in daily life that leads the couple to walk together mutually supported in the joys, the hopes and the difficulties of life.

The boat can have another meaning: the couple who "sail together" in life, working together in the search for spirituality, in mission and service to the Church and the world. We are accustomed to thinking as a couple and often favour the icon of a mountain journey. But the boat is also rich in symbols: it glides on a calm sea, swaying or turning around, it is a base to which one can cling. The boat, like life, moves in a sea that welcomes, pushes back, in which it is necessary to be committed to float, in a sea rich with many experiences, of adversity, of difficulty, temptations, but also of abundant harvests of gifts and fruits.

The inclusion of the official logo of the Teams of Our Lady, with a fish format, into the signature of the logo of the XI International Gathering, is a representation of the internationality of the Movement, which will gather as a community around Jesus Christ.

The fishing net could represent the entire world, where we are all called to live by sharing the needs, the necessities, the projects, one with another, without any difference, for the sole purpose of belonging to all humanity, beloved and saved by God.

The zero of 2012 comprises two interlinked wedding rings to symbolize the sacrament of marriage, the union of the couple based on God’s love

The colours green, yellow and white that form the net refer to the colours of Brazil, the host country for the XI International Gathering of the END.

Finally, the lower part comprises the official logo of Equipes Notre-Dame, in the form of the fish; it represents the internationality of the Movement which gathers as a community around Christ.

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News of the Gathering

The Training and Information in the World Movement of TOOL.
The XI International Gathering of the TOOL will have several strong moments in the conduct of the Movement for the next six years from 2012 .

New International Logo

After much thought, the International College has decided to adopt a single logo for the whole movement, at both national and international level, in order to indicate clearly our identity and our unity. We are a movement of "Married Spirituality" which brings together Christian couples united by the Sacrament of Marriage; and who wish, together, to deepen the graces of their Sacrament of Marriage. Our identity is powerfully expressed by two symbols, the fish and the wedding rings, representing Christ and marriage, the foundation stones of our movement.

The fish was the emblem of the early Christians. The letters of the Greek word "fish" (ICTUS) signify "Jesus Christ, Son of God Saviour"; the fish was thus the means of representing Christ. In the same way, (like the early Christians) we come together at our meetings. Also, the French word "equipe" (team) comes from the old French word "esquif", which meant a small boat; there also we can find the symbol of the fish. We can therefore see in the fish symbol both a reference to Christ, the basis of our existence, and to the Teams.

The rings: they are wedding rings, which symbolise commitment, love, and faithfulness to the beloved person whom we have chosen. The rings, in the form of circles interlaced on the fish, symbolise the covenant of God with His people, from which Christian Marriage draws its foundation, and from which it receives its own nature as a sacrament.

The logo uses the three primary colours, referring to the meaning that is given to them in iconography:

  • Blue symbolises the divinity of God
  • Yellow or gold shows the glory of God
  • Red is for humanity
The logo is composed of the fish and the wedding rings, with underneath the title of the movement in the language of the country, to indicate the diversity of the countries in our movement and their unity internationally.

How to book the DVD of the XI International Gathering

The Organizing Committee of the XI International Gathering will provide the production of DVD with five languages narration or subtitles (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese)

From January 2012, requests for bookings will be accepted following the criteria to be disclosed at that time by the Organizing Committee.


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