2012-09-10 11:30:00 - Already sent DVDs

Dear brothers,

Daring to live the Gospel is to go beyond the expected ...

You are receiving the double DVD of the XI International Gathering of the TOL.

One disc presents the best moments of each day, expressing in images the minutes edited of the messages, sermons, blessings of the priests celebrants of the Mass, chants and words of joy, expressed in the "good morning" of the speakers. The arrival, the departure, the public act, mixed teams, the fraternisation and shared moments, are also part of this documentary. On the second disc, you find 10 of the choir songs, animated with pictures and the 10 International Gatherings, an unforgettable reliquary of the seed planted by Father Henri Caffarel. We hope that, watching the DVDs, you feel the emotions present in the heart of each brother team member participating. Watch them with your family, friends, team and whoever you wish to transmit the wonders that the Almighty has done for us.

Our thanks for your adherence to the XI International Gathering DVD.

"Go, and you too, do likewise " LC10, 37

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