Our Lady of Apparition

The Shrine of Our Lady of Apparition , patroness of Brazil , is located in the city of Aparecida - SP.
"The greatest shrine dedicated to the Virgin"

Nossa Senhora Aparecida History

In 1717 three fishermen after botched attempt to catch fish in the river Paraíba do Sul near Guaratinguetá (SP), gathered in their nets the body of a statue Mary SS. and then the head of it. To this happening it followed an abundant fishery, which surprised the three men. Having cleaned and reassembled the image they exposed it to the worship of believers in family homes. There were however, some prodigies, which drew the attention of Rev. José Alves Vilela, Priest of Guaratinguetá. He then decided to build a chapel to the Holy Mother that could hold the growing number of devotees of the Virgin. This chapel was replaced by a larger one in the hill of the Coqueiros in 1745, this hill took the name of 'Aparecida'( today the city of Aparecida) . In 1846 the construction of a larger temple was initiated, which still remains.

Basilica of Our Lady of Apparition

Shrine of Our Lady Apparition
In 1980 the monumental basilica was completed , the target of numerous pilgrimages throughout the year . In 1930 Brazil was solemnly consecrated to Our Lady of Apparition by Cardinal D. Sebastiao Leme in the presence of the President of the Republic and many religious civilian and military authorities.

Raymundo Damasceno e Assis

Diocese of the Church
Arquidiocese of Aparecida

Aparecida, SP

Date of construction
1955 - 1980

The events of late 1995 drew attention to Blessed Mary as she is venerated in Aparecida ( SP ) and in Brazil as a whole as the Patroness of our country. It is known that such devotion is due to an amazing fishing surrounded by extraordinary events which have aroused the piety of the faithful in the region of Guaratingueta and later the entire population of Brazil. In 1930 the Blessed Virgin was proclaimed Patroness of Brazil under the title of Our Lady of Conception Apparition (or Our Lady Immaculate in her Conception and Aparecida in the River Paraiba do Sul water).

River Paraíba do Sul

Let us pray

XI International Gathering of the Teams of Our Lady - July 21 to 26, 2012

In the unity of prayer with teammates from all countries, let us put it into our daily intentions all the activities of this XI International Gathering of the Teams of Our Lady, which for the first time is held in Brazil.

Let us pray together, every day, worldwide, for the XI International Gathering of the TOOL to be held in Brasilia from July 21 to 26, 2012.

Prayer to Our Lady of Apparition

O incomparable Lady of Apparition, Mother of my God, Queen of Angels, Advocate of sinners, Refuge and consolation of the afflicted and the distressed.

O Virgin, full of power and goodness, cast a favorably look upon us, that we may be helped in every need.

Remember, most merciful Mother of Apparition, that is not known that all that have appealed to you, invoked your holy name and begged your natural protection, were abandoned by you. Inspired by this confidence I beg you: I take you from this day on to always by my mother, my comfort and guide, my hope and my light in death hour.

So then, Mother, deliver me from anything that might offend you and your Son , my Redeemer and Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed Virgin, preserve this unworthy servant of yours, this house and its inhabitants, from disease, famine, war, lightning, storms and other dangers and evils that can plague us .

Sovereign Lady, deign to direct us in all spiritual and temporal matters; deliver us from the temptation of the devil, so that, treading the path of virtue, by the merits of your purest virginity and the most precious Blood of your Son, we can see you, love and enjoy the eternal glory, for ever and ever.

Our Lady of Apparition please intercede for the XI International Gathering of the TOOL.


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